Rumi ‘ The Shakespeare of the East ‘ has become one of the most widely read poets in America and the West.

There have been performances with virtuoso Persian musician Davod Azad at The Queen Elizabeth Hall, Oxford and Cambridge Universities, St Johns Smith Square and the North London Arts Depot.

An album with Mobo award winning musician Ceri Evans called ‘Rumi in Love’  which features the poems of Rumi translated by Jonathan Star from his book ‘In the Arms of the Beloved’ is available now.

‘Star’s translations of Rumi’s poetry is the best to date’ …The Boston Book Review

‘A breathtakingly gorgeous presentation of the beyond- belief joy of liberated vision’   … Sylvia Boorstein

‘Jonathan Star has highlighted those outbursts of the soul on fire that shatter commomplace matter -of -fact thinking ‘…Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan

Rumi in Love

‘ There is a place where words are born of silence.  A place where the whispers of the heart arise…………….. ‘

Poetry with Music performed by Traceless… 


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